Carpet Cutting


TC 3001 C Carpet Cutter

The TC3001 C carpet cutter from Kuris uses an integrated camera system to photograph the carpets for precise cuts. Our interface, the “Shape Trapper”, allows for easy communication between the software and the carpet cutter. The software will edit and filter the captured images to be applied directly to cutting the material. The seamless transfer from the Shape Tapper software to the cutting machine creates an easier process for the operator. With this intuitive technology from Kuris, no CAD files are needed!

The Kuris brand and company is dedicated to helping our customers succeed with our machines. A large part of that success is machine upkeep and servicing. Kuris offers an optional cleaning unit to add to the machine that eliminates cutting residues to ensure your machine lasts ages!

Kuris Carpet Cutter

Specially Designed Modular Cutter

Kuris’s cutting head is designed for the toughest conditions. The cutting head has a high stroke rate (14,000) and a special double edge knife that operates with a 15mm cutting height.

Modular Cutter Applications

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Oscillating Knife

Driven Round Knife

Hollow Drill


Carpet Cutter Specs

  • Moving Speeds of up to 100 m/min
  • Cutting Speeds of up to 70 m/min
  • 7.5 or 11 kW vacuum pump
  • 40 mm maximum cutting height
  • Quiet Working: 57-74 dB
  • Extremely fast tool change

Cutting System In Action

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Camera Software

The visitexLOC image processing system was developed for the sole use of textile and carpet cutting machines from KURIS. The software processes images and uses them to determine the ideal cutting coordinates. The materials to be cut are scanned in 2D or 3D using state of the art cameras.

The system creates the possibility to enlarge or reduce the size of scanned shapes and round the corners if needed. The software is heavily adaptable to suit each customer’s specific needs.

The versatility of the visitexLOC software sets it apart from other image processing units. The pre-defined calculation modules aid the operator determine the optimal cutting coordinates. The user has the option for freeform, rectangular, square, and circular. For the circular option, a fixed, predefined radii can be used.

In addition to the pre-defined modules, specific modules are also an option. This allows any number of customer specific and freely definable modules for vector calculation to be used and created. Tiles and grids can also be utilized. When using tiles, the software places a freely definable matrix of sub-shapes over the found shape. When using a grid, the software places a pre-defined grid over the found shape.

Utilizing The Software

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Kuris Cutter Cameras


TC 3001 Scanner and Cutter