About Us


Cutters Resource was started by its founder, Jack Joseph. Jack began buying, selling, and servicing the cutting industry 20 years ago. It was his passion and focus to create a single place for the cutting community, to obtain any and everything they need for their particular industry. This included not only machinery, but parts, consumables, and critical services such as onsite, and telephone support, consulting, relocation, and any other need the cutting professional could need. His vision is that this site will open the doors for the many cutting industry professionals, and give them more cost efficient options, and not be limited to just the “big” manufacturers. Here we can share knowledge and information, the opportunities are endless.

Cutters Resource has gathered a broad range of experienced buyers, sellers, technicians and services providers, and other cutting industry professionals that can and will, quickly deal with your needs, whatever they may be. With our full time technical support team, both onsite and via telephone, there will be no problem that goes unresolved.

Cutters Resource offers the best products and services as well as the best prices for those products and services.

One call, and you’ll wish you’d found us sooner! We have offices in Johnson City & Nashville TN and are also located in Los Angeles CA