You’re probably about to call us liars. The affordability and efficiency of Kuris machines is unmatched when compared to the field. The uniqueness starts with the cost. When compared to competitors, Kuris equipment is nearly 10 times cheaper to operate. The economic cost, however, does not correlate to a substandard product. Kuris currently offers one of the most comprehensive product programs in the field of spreading and cutting technology.

Founded in 1912, Kuris possesses a notable store of experience with more than 10,000 installations worldwide. Development, design and construction are state of the art. As a result, solutions come from a single source and are characterized by a high quality of engineering and modern control technology. We are likewise involved in the development of the relevant software. The wide-ranging product program enables individual answers that take full and systematic account of the organizational preconditions and local situation of the customer.

Kuris is within easy reach. The company is present in many countries. This ensures that customers have competent contacts close at hand worldwide and obtain solutions that help consolidate market positions and secure success in years to come. Kuris has its headquarters at Reichenbach in Baden-Württemberg, the home of German mechanical engineering. This location in a high-technology area guarantees solutions with a high degree of automation.

When visiting our site, check out the “Can We Cut It Page” to see our machines in action. If you want to see our machines work in person, call and ask about our demonstration room. The demonstration room allows for general demonstration and specialized testing so you can rest assured that your Kuris machine will get the job done! In accordance with our advanced engineering strategies, our many years of experience have allowed us to supply the optimal cutting experience for all of our customers. We offer premier products across the United States to sustain your cutting needs.

  • No Fees

    After making a purchase with Kuris, there are no reoccurring fees attached! You are in complete ownership of your machine and your software.

  • No Maintenance Contract

    There is no need for a maintenance contract. Maintenance cost is only charged when you need us!

  • Warranty

    Kuris offers a 3 year warranty on all purchased products so you can get the most out of your machine!

  • Part Replacement

    Kuris is devoted to keeping your machine running no matter what the purchase date is. We supply parts and service throughout a machine’s lifespan. We have 35 year old machines and are still supplying parts!

Customer Care

Cutter's Resource

Cutters Resource was started by Jack Joseph 30 years ago. Starting out in the leather cutting business early in his career, cowboy boots to be exact, Jack understands this business from all aspects of the industry.  

Jack began buying, selling, and servicing the cutting industry, and it was his passion and focus to create a single place for the cutting community to obtain everything they needed for their industry.  

This included not only machinery, but parts, consumables, and up to date software.  Services such as onsite, and telephone support, consulting, relocation, and any other need the cutting professional may need. 

 His vision was, and still is, that this site will open the doors for the many cutting industry professionals and give them more cost-efficient options, and not be limited to just the “big” manufacturers. Here we can share knowledge and information, the opportunities are endless. 

Cutters Resource has gathered a broad range of experienced buyers, sellers, technicians and services providers, and other cutting industry professionals that can quickly deal with your needs. With our full-time technical support team, both onsite and via telephone, there will be no problem that goes unresolved. 

Cutters Resource offers the best products and services as well as the best prices for those products and services.