Furniture Industry

Cutting Machines For the Furniture Industry

With Kuris’s experience in the furniture industry, our machines have developed to suit each customer’s needs directly. Customer exchange has allowed us to mold our services into the efficient and robust models they are today. With the perfect balance between mechanical engineering and modern control technology, Kuris machines used for furniture manufacturing prove to be easy to operate, yet extremely durable and reliable.

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Fabric Cutting

Kuris offers cutting for all sorts of fabric when paired with the correct advisement and tools. With our knife oscillation control and knife cooling system, all of your materials can be processed perfectly.


  • The “Cutty”
  • Manual Cutting Machines

Leather Cutting

Cutting leather requires special solutions. With the Kuris double cutter, there is no standstill of the cutting bridge and the double bridge almost doubles the efficiency. Leather cutting with a Kuris machine results in the utmost precision for your furniture applications.


  • Leather Processing

Carpets and Floor Mats

Kuris’s machines and software allow for pattern recognition and high speed maneuvers to create floor materials and carpet tiles. With our highly efficient and robust machines, you are ideally positioned for any industry cut you may need!


  • The “Cutty”