Experienced Employees

Our employees have extensive knowledge and experience with the equipment and the industry. They are consultants, committed to fitting you and your business with the right equipment for the job. We have worked with all kinds of companies, on every type of cutter, in every industry.

Our employees are experts operating and maintaining cutting room equipment. We will help you get the most out of your cutter, keeping it up and running, and minimizing your down time. Kuris extends a 3 year warranty for all purchases. There is no maintenance contract needed, so the fees never pile up!

Remote Service

Kuris Remote Service is a remote support service that provides our technical staff to connect directly to your workstation and have direct access to the desktop, like being on your location. This allows us to have easy and quick solutions for many problems regarding settings at the workstation and to solve many problems together with you.

You have full control of your workstation at any time and you can understand every single step explained from our technican. The KURIS Remote Service is powered by TeamViewer.

Remote Training

In addition to our onsite training, there is also a possibility for remote training.

With the powerful tools Zoom and TeamViewer, it is possible to follow Kuris CAD training from Europe for example.
Get in touch with us today, we are happy to help out and answer any questions!

Relocation Services

Whether you’re moving across town or across the globe, we specialize in relocating cutting rooms.

We can handle the whole process, from breaking down your operation, and resetting it up in your new location, we have the technicians, resources, and carriers to do the job.

Whether it needs to be moved in one piece or broken down in multiple pieces, we can get you back into production quickly and painlessly.