Automotive Applications

Cutting Machines For Automotive Industry

Kuris’s diverse lineup of cutting machinery proves perfect for the automotive industry. With a focus on fabric and leather seats, convertible roofs, interiors, door panels, and floor mats, a Kuris cutting machine will be sure to get the job done with efficiency and precision. After training, your employees will be able to carry out almost all of the service work independently, which saves you money and time!

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Cloth Leather and Cutting of other materials

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Leather Seats

Kuris specializes in high performance and yielding best results for your products. The special-made leather cutting solutions that Kuris has developed will produce a time efficient cutting process that will minimize waste.


  • Leather Processing

Mat Manufacturing

Our high speed machines produce perfect cuts on car floor mats. Our specially designed carpet cutting heads create accurate cuts to ensure your specifications are completely met.


  • The “Cutty”