Kuris’ design and pattern software is in a league of its own. There are no ongoing software fees, you own it! We read and write pattern files for all the major manufacturers. There is nothing better in terms of features and productivity.

Kuris Pattern Designer is the software environment in which the designer’s ideas are easily transformed into perfectly built and checked pattern projects. Featuring unique design functions like reversible folds and darts, automatic & interactive seam allowance creation, automatic notch translation and the all-sizes dimension watcher, Kuris allows a quick and perfect pattern design.

Automatic and interactive grading functions allows previous sessions to be stored in grading rules and easily applied to new products. Kuris Pattern Designer is based on Bezier curves, but can also handle complex polylines or B-Spline Curves. The KPD’s interface has a very different approach compared to other CAD applications. It’s built to be extremely user friendly, according to the latest software standards. KPD comes as standards with a built-in convertor for Gerber, Assyst and Lectra native files and also for DXF-AAMA import and export.

CAD Possibilities

  • Pattern Designer
  • Nest Expert
  • Photo Digitizer
  • Made to Measure
  • Spread & Cut Planner
  • Addons Available
  • Leather Cutting
  • Vision Cut
  • Remote Training

Kuris Nest Expert is an advanced solution for automatic nesting in apparel industry, developed by Kuris, but also available for users that work on other CAD products (direct convertor from Lectra, Assyst, Gerber and also from all applications compatibile with DXF – AAMA standard format).

Kuris Nest Expert is based on state of the art technology and algorithms that will provide excellent nesting results in record time. It can run full automatic nesting for one individual marker or work continuously for a list of markers, with no human intervention required. The usual time needed for an average marker of 8 m is about 3-5 minutes. The average results in terms of speed and efficiency are considerably higher than manual nesting.

Kuris Nest Expert can perform full automatic nesting on simple, folded or tubular fabrics, with or without plaids, stripes or textures, with specific widths and contractions, according to each piece specifications and freedom.

Kuris Nest Expert can output the nesting results in its own file format, but can also export in all major industry standards: DFX-AAMA, HPGL-PLT, ISO-CUT and RS274D. After automatic nesting, the markers can be directly plotted or sent to the cutting machine.

Don’t waste time placing the patterns on a special digitizing surface, fixing them with adhesive tape or other time-wasting methods. Just clean-up a bit your normal working table, leave the patterns there and go to computer. ONE simple click, and the camera automatically captures the picture and transfers it to the computer. The image is automatically processed and the patterns are extracted in just few seconds. A smart and simple calibration procedure is necessary only one time when you first install the system, offering a comfortable precision of less than 0.7 mm.

Quickly and easily inspect the results of the automatic digitizer using the Contour Play function. Measure distances and perimetral contour, check and adjust the internal elements or the shape of the curves if necessary, add or delete any element, input the piece name, all in one single window. Done! Easy to use zoom and navigate functions and the special magnifier viewer make your activity easy and efficient.

Save the patterns directly in the native format of your CAD system. It does not matter what CAD system you use, the photo digitizer is compatible with it (see the list in the brochure). The system will remember the save settings (location, format, etc), so you can have the patterns directly to your system with one simple click.

The photo digitizer can save the patterns in the native original format of Lectra, Gerber, Investronica, Assyst, Gemini and more. The patterns can also be exported for any other application using the standard dxf aama format, and it was tested with FK, TetraCad, Optitex, Wearcad, Konsan, Tukatech, PolyPattern, Richpeace, Novocut, Vetigraph, Consult+, Astor, AGMS, Julivi, Moda 01 and others.