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It’s an exciting time to be in aviation. Even the very definition of what an aircraft is and what it can do is being rewritten as we speak.

Aerospace manufacturing involves cutting every material known and learning to deal with new ones every day. From cloth and leather to carbon fiber and even more exotic materials, the sky is no longer the limit!

Utilizing the Kuris line of cutting machines makes cutting all aviation materials a breeze. Our machinery and software will maximize efficiency and minimize waste to help save time and money.

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Choose Your Machine

Pre-Preg Material

Ultrasonic Head

The ultrasonic head allows for increased accuracy and speed. The attachment reduces the friction in the cut and allows for difficult materials to be sliced. Not only does this perfect the cut, but also preserves the material to optimize production!

Leather Cutting

Pristine leather fabrication is a must have in the aviation industry. Whether you need the luxurious looks of Nappa Leather, or the reliability of Full-Grain Leather, Kuris will be able to make the perfect cut!


  • The “Cutty”
  • Leather Processing

Carbon Fiber and More

The assortment of Kuris machines and attachments can help you achieve the most precise cut with whatever material you may encounter. Carbon fiber, aluminum, fabric, or any specialty cut, is always possible with a Kuris lineup.


  • The “Cutty”
  • The “Big Machine”