Apparel Industry

Cutting Machines For the Apparel Industry

Whatever fabric you need cut, Kuris can always help. Our efficient and precise machines will be sure to get the job done in any circumstance. Whether you’re cutting material for jeans, bags, accessories, or knitted goods, a Kuris machine will provide you with the cleanest cut possible. Our worldwide sales and service network allow us to always be readily available for all of our customers’ needs. If you need a special solution, we can develop and manufacture them for you according to your requirements.

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Fabric cutting with Kuris Cutters

Choose Your Machine

Small Machines

Kuris’s small machine models are perfect for cutting fabric. The manual cutting machine models found in our “Products” section will cut through any fabric you may need. Our small machines are compatible with all older models and parts are always available!


  • Manual Cutting Machines

Woven and Knitted Fabrics

The Kuris machines’ ability to mass produce products provides the perfect answer for woven and kitted fabric production. Our support staff is available to offer advice and to design the perfect machine setup for your application.


  • TexCut

Jean Manufacturing

Denim manufacturing and cutting requires special processing. Luckily for our customers, we have both the perfect machines for the job and a processing concept! Contact our support staff for any cutting questions you may have.


  • TexCut