SK 25

The SK25 offers all advantages of a fully automatic CNC cutter, but with a decrease in price. The SK25 is known as the starter kit. The machine has small dimensions which makes it ideal for small spaces. The starter kit is perfect for small to medium size cuts. It possesses flexibility and accuracy in all cuts with the same efficiency the Kuris brand boasts in all of its products. With a maximum cutting height of 25mm, the SK25 provides for a large field of applications. If the 1.6 m x 3.4 m cutting window doesn’t do the job, a 2.4 m extension can be added.

The machine has a maximum cutting speed of 40 m/min and a maximum positioning speed of 70 m/min.

Starter Kit SK25

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TexCut Series

TexCut Series

Our machines in the TexCut range can process textile packages which are up to 100 mm high. The height depends on the material and the level of precision required.

Both leading Asian textile manufacturers which supply prestigious European fashion labels and well-known German clothing manufacturers rely on the technology from our company.

Areas of application:

Clothing industry, automotive industry, aerospace industry, furniture industry, construction industry, boat industry and the railway industry.

Kuris C3030 High-Ply Cutter


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Starter Kit SK25

TexCut 25-80 Series

TexCut 3030