Cutting Machines

Single-Ply Cutters

The machines are all designed for maximum productivity and optimum production quality. The tool technology can be adapted individually and precisely to the respective material. This means that optimum cutting conditions are always achieved.

Single-Ply Cutters include:

  • Leather Cutters
  • The “Cutty”
  • TC3001
  • 3001S-3001C

High-Ply Cutters

The high-ply cutters from Kuris allow for exceptional precision and high efficiency cutting for all applications in clothing, furniture, construction, aerospace, boat, and railway industries.

High-Ply Cutters include:

  • SK 25
  • TexCut C1717
  • TexCut TC2219
  • TexCut 25-80 models

Manual Cutting Machines

Though small, our manual cutting machines still display the power that you would expect from Kuris products. The machines are long-lasting with excellent handling. They are sure to exceed your expectations in industry by supplying you with a compact machine filled with endurance.

Manual Cutters include:

  • All hand-held models
  • Small table-size models