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The “Cutty” single-ply cutter series from Kuris is the fourth generation of the proven cutters which has been completely overhauled and optimized. It is noted for the individually optimized cutting head with a programmable Z-axis.

The machines are all designed for maximum productivity and optimum production quality. The tool technology can be adapted individually and precisely to the respective material. This means that optimum cutting conditions are always achieved.

The fourth generation is equipped with Multiflex tool adaptation. As well as offering extremely short plunge times, this system also offers a persuasive choice thanks to the fast positioning and cutting speeds. In addition, the tool-change system reduces the set-up times considerably because fewer adjustment operations are required.

The cutter achieves positioning speeds of up to 100 meters per minute and, depending on the type of material, the cutting speed is up to 70 meters per minute. The machine is optionally available with a 7.5 or 11 KW vacuum pump.

The standard user interface and menu navigation ensures that the machine operator can quickly get to grips with the machine across a range of technologies. Operating errors and the cost of training are drastically reduced.

Even at high speeds, the machine cuts consistently and reliably.
The mobile and innovative control system is very user-friendly.

For the cutting of textile materials, technical textiles, films, leather, plastics, prepreg, glass fibre, carbon fibre, honeycomb material and special materials.

German Quality Engineering


Compared with other industries and materials, leather cutting requires maximum attention and increased effort.

Therefore, especially in the leather industry, the desire for a high degree of automation has always been present. We have set ourselves the task and have intensively studied the entire production process.

With our solutions we strongly influenced the leather market. Effective and high-level course will cover topics such as smart order management, leather administration, leather scanning, powerful nesting and precise cutting.

Cutting leather to the right size has presented a very particular challenge for centuries. In order to identify the problem areas of the material, we have been developing our system for leather detection for many years. The crucial thing here is to determine which part can be cut out of which section of the hide.

Working together with our partner Gemini, we have developed special computer software for examining leather. The detailed detection process takes place when the material is received or before it leaves the supplier, is fully registered and can be accessed at any time.

Systems of different complexity are available depending on the producti-on volume: they range from making optimum use of the individual hide to recording, archiving, storing and cutting many hides based on the order profile.

The patented scanning station of Kuris combines inno-vation, ergonomics and efficiency. The use of a smart pen and an interactive workspace opens up possibilities for perfecting value-adding workflows. The digital data records enable new dimensions when it comes to order creation, diagnosis and economic efficiency.

Implementation is possible on any budget here. Optical devices such as cameras and projectors are used for recording and visualisation. The OT1 tool is a cutting tool which is perfectly customised for leather. The integrated cleaning brush guarantees a smooth and reliable process for the optical devices. The lifespan of the cutting underlay is also extended significantly.


Our machines in the TexCut range can process textile packages which are up to 100 mm high. The height depends on the material and the level of precision required.

Both leading Asian textile manufacturers which supply prestigious European fashion labels and well-known German clothing manufacturers rely on the technology from our company.

Areas of application:

Clothing industry, automotive industry, aerospace industry, furniture industry, construction industry, boat industry and the railway industry.

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