About Kuris


German Quality Engineering

KURIS currently offers one of the most comprehensive product programs in the field of spreading and cutting technology.

At the same time, KURIS possesses a notable store of experience with more than 10,000 installations worldwide. Development, design and construction are state of the Art. As a result, solutions come from a single source and are characterized by a high quality of engineering and modern control technology.We are likewise involved in the development of the relevant software. The wide-ranging product program enables individual answers that take full and systematic account of the organizational preconditions and local situation of the customer.

KURIS is within easy reach. The Company is present in many countries.This ensures that customers have competent contacts close at hand worldwide and obtain solutions that help consolidate market positions and secure success in years to come. KURIS has its headquarters at Reichenbach in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, the home of German mechanical engineering. This location in a high-technology area guarantees solutions with a high degree of automation.

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KURIS, a modern, forward-looking company with qualified staff, guarantees expert counseling. Spreading and cutting machines are available in realistic demonstration rooms not only for general demonstration purposes but also for trial runs with your own materials.